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Raising the Barre on Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Hope Dry Rosé

The Martin family, owners of Montezuma Winery, are proud to collaborate again with the Hope for Heather organization; a group dedicated to ovarian cancer awareness and research out of Central, NY. This organization, founded by Frieda and Gary weeks, was created in honor of their daughter, Heather Weeks, who was an advocate for ovarian cancer awareness. Heather was a young woman who gave up her career and passion for dance to focus on her advocacy. At the age of 24, she lost her own battle to colon cancer leading her parents to create the Hope for Heather organization to continue advocating for women’s cancer in her honor.

The Hope for Heather organization’s main goal is to spread awareness and help women be aware of early symptoms. They also work to raise funds for this awareness through multiple fundraising events, donations, and collaborations with local companies. As a family who has been personally impacted by ovarian cancer, the Martin family is honored to help them reach their goals.

We have crafted a dry rosé, Hope, that is dedicated to the Hope for Heather organization. We’ve partnered up with other local businesses- Waterloo Container, Syracuse Label and Surround Printing, and Wilson Press who all generously donated their products to help create an impactful packaging. We will use the money we would have paid for those products and donate it to Hope for Heather.


Our Hope dry rosé is available for sale at the winery and on our website. This rosé is fresh and complex, with aromas of strawberry, pink grapefruit, lychee and gentle hints of mint.