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Experience the Souls of Voleur Wines

Souls of Voleur

Why Experience Pairings?

Phil Plummer, Head Winemaker

The wine bottle that led you here is a manifesto. Inside are the ideas, feelings, hopes, dreams, triumphs, and tribulations of our winemaking team, loosely held together by a matrix of organic compounds. The origin story of every wine is contained within this chemical codex–if you know what to look for, it’ll be easy to uncover. Some stories are centered around vintage, others vineyard, and others still winemaking. Most wines contain an amalgam of these storylines, but Voleur wines offer something extra: heart-on-sleeve expressions of what excites us, what terrifies us, what confuses us, what brings us meaning, and everything in between.

We believe that wine is a living art form, and both life and art are too complex to be adequately described by the obvious and uninspiring corporate adspeak that so often finds its way to the back label. This enological small talk might be sufficient for carbon copy California Cabernets, but Voleur wines demand to be seen and understood for who they really are. Admittedly, back labels don’t have enough real estate for a conversation on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but, lucky for us, these ideas have been expressed in other art forms for the entirety of human history.



Song Pairings

Voleur Murderer Out Count 2 (Assemblage) – “In Spite of Ourselves,” John Prine and Iris DeMent
2020 Voleur O Trapaceiro (Catawba Dessert Wine) – “I’m Writing a Novel”, Father John Misty

2022 Voleur Grayscale (Co-Fermented Rosé)- “Be Afraid” Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

2022 Voleur Saperavi (Unoaked)- “Lose Yourself”- Eminem


“The experience pairings on every Voleur label serve as breadcrumb trails. By connecting these wines to books, films, and songs that are reflective of their driving themes, we can tell you who they are without actually telling you who they are. Understand the experience pairings and you’ll understand the souls of these wines. Winemaking has helped us figure out where we fit in the world–follow the breadcrumbs to meet us there. ”