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Everything You Need To Know About Pét Nat

Pét Nat Wines

Ever heard of Pétillant Naturel? If not, you are definitely not alone. Many people aren’t aware of this unique wine that has been around for a long time but has just recently gained popularity. The recent resurgence in the production and popularity of Pet-Nat wines can be attributed to winemakers in France’s Loire Valley, but these wines are now produced all over the world. Several New York wineries are now producing Pét-Nat, including some in the Finger Lakes.

Pétillant Naturel, also known as Pét Nat, is a style of natural sparkling wine produced in the Methode Ancestrale tradition-the oldest known method of sparkling wine production. This method differs from the Champagne method (Methode Champenoise) in that the carbonation is generated by bottling the wine while it’s still undergoing primary fermentation. Differing from Champagne-style wines which are carbonated by starting a secondary fermentation in an already fermented base wine, prior to bottling.

Pet-Nat fermentations are generally very hands-off, which leads to wines that may have a little bit of funkiness or some carbonation that might be a little wild. This is all part of the charm of this particular style. Our winemaker says that he likes to think of them as being the “wine world’s answer to sour beers.”

This style of wine can be disgorged to remove the haze and sediment or can be left cloudy with some of the sediment left, like ours. Both of our Pét Nat’s are bone-dry but very fruit-forward. The Marquette Pét Nat created for Montezuma Winery, is refreshing with bright acidity while the one made with Cabernet Franc for Idol Ridge Winery is more textured and rich. Because of their bubbles, acidity, and complex flavors, Pet-Nats are generally very versatile food wines.

Pétillant Naturel is often referred to as Champagne’s “cool kid sister” and we would have to agree. Every aspect of this wine is unique from how it’s produced to how it tastes. We are very excited to introduce this new wine to our shelves at both Montezuma Winery & Idol Ridge Winery.

This unique wine should not go unnoticed and that’s why we want to celebrate it! Join us June 30th at Idol Ridge Winery for a special release party for both of our Pét Nat wines. Our Stars, Stripes & Sparkles event will highlight these unique wines plus other delicious sparkling wines. Check out more details here!