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Distilled Products

Hidden Marsh Distillery handcrafts spirits and liqueurs from natural sources in a small-batch, artisan tradition.  We currently are not permitted to ship our spirits direct to customers.  Bee Vodka and Judd's Corn Whiskey are only available for shipping through DrinkUpNY.com.

Bee Vodka                      $4.75 (50ml)     $29.99 (375ml)       $48.99 (750ml)

A unique hand-crafted vodka made from the purest honey in the Finger Lakes region, triple-distilled in individual batches for a flawless finish. Bee Vodka is irresistibly smooth but never sweet. Crystal clear with exceptional character, it promises to bee something you’ve never experienced before.  Double Gold & Best of Class at NY State Fair 2011, Silver Medal "Highly Recommended" rating of 88 points by Beverage Testing Institute 2009.  40% Alcohol (80 Proof).

Bee Hot Vodka
                      $29.99 (375ml)
A unique hand-crafted vodka made from our own honey vodka infused with hot peppers. Mix with your favorite bloody mary recipe for a spicy drink. 40% Alcohol (80 Proof).

Apple Brandy                     $28.99 (375ml)

Distilled from local NYS apples and aged for nearly 3 years, this brandy exudes notes of baked apple and vanilla with light notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and dried orange peel.  Enjoy straight as an aperitif or on the rocks as an after dinner drink.  Silver Medal Winner & "Highly Recommended" rating 85 points by Beverage Testing Institute ! 40% Alcohol (80 Proof).

Queen's Flight                   $28.99 (375ml)

Distilled 100% from honey and is dedicated to the heiress of the hive. A distinctive aroma of caramel and vanilla come from the new charred oak it is aged in for 2 years. Soft and sweet like a premium bourbon, our honey spirits follow through with notes of caramel, honey and a toasted almond finish.  Gold Medal & Best of Class at Indy Int'l 2009, Silver Medal "Highly Recommended" rating 87 points by Beverage Testing Institute 2010.  40% Alcohol (80 Proof).

Maple Liqueur                     $24.99 (375ml)

As part of the Hidden Marsh Distillery Marshland Series, our maple liqueur is produced from a blend of premium New York State maple syrup and our ultra premium BEE Vodka. A sweet liqueur with notes of maple and a toasty warm finish. Enjoy as an after dinner sipper.  Winner of 3 Gold Medals, "Exceptional" rating 91 points by Beverage Testing Institute 2010.  20% Alcohol (40 Proof).

Raspberry Liqueur                $24.99 (375ml)

Vibrant and sweet red raspberry flavor and aroma. Pour over vanilla ice cream.  Silver Medal Winner & Beverage Testing Institute “Highly Recommended” Rating of 85 points!  18% Alcohol (36 Proof).

Judd's Wreckin' Ball Corn Whiskey           $14.99 (375ml)       $27.99 (750ml)

As a refined version of an American classic, our corn whiskey (aka, Moonshine, white dog, white lightning) is fresh off from the still and completely unaged.  Aromas of sweet corn bread and oats with a subtle underlying dried fruit component. The taste of the spirit carries a perfect sweet corn character while a note of cucumber skin adds complexity. The lasting grain character on the finish brings you back to the spirit of American farmers. 40% Alcohol (80 Proof). Silver Medal Winner, Whiskey Advocate score 84 points, Silver Medal, Beverage Testing Institute “Highly Recommended” Rating of 85 points!


Duck Blind Shine            $44.99 (750ml)

This wheat-based white dog is a bit of an anomaly. Rich butterscotch aromas camouflage a surprisingly refreshing spirit with light sweetness and a touch of candied orange peel. Sure to keep you warm on a brisk morning in the blind.


Tanglefoot-Corn Whiskey            $34.99(750ml)                                               

A few months in the barrel helps our white corn whiskey trade some of its intensity for a refined complexity. The sweet corn characters are still there, but they’re joined by aromas of cinnamon and dried apple, and a smooth flavor with touches of vanilla and oak.


Lone Loggers-Bourbon            $44.99 (750ml)                                                 

The true American spirit, bourbon production is heavily regulated to maintain the high standards and prestige of its name. Our offering is no different, showing aromas of dried apricot and toasted oak. On the palate, the dried fruit characters are offset with touches of pecan and a creamy finish.


Railroad Rye            $39.99 (750ml)                                                

A classic example of what rye whiskey should be, our Railroad Rye is automatically complex with notes of caramel and black peppercorn. The flavor is sweet and spicy, defined by a strong touch of nutmeg and underlined with hints of raisin.


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